reaction question..

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reaction question..

Post by transgalactic »

we mix 0.5 moles of A
1 mole of B
2 moles of C
in a one litter container

after it blances we find 0.6 moles of A
find K for
=(is a sign where two arrows go in different directions)
2A =B+3c
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Post by expert »

For this reaction K = (x[C]^3)/[A]^2

Excess of 0.1 mole A can be generated from corresponding amounts of B and :

0.1A =0.1/2B+0.3/2C
The equilibrium mix will be the following then:
0.6 moles of A
1-0.1/2 moles of B
2-0.3/2 moles of C

Now please calculate the constant K using the numbers and get the answer.
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