NaHS reaction

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NaHS reaction

Post by db2401 »

Trying to balance chromium reduction reaction :
Sodium Hydrosulfide (basic pH) + Sodium Chromate > Chromium Hydroxide solid (precipitates if alkaline) + Sodium Sulfate
NaHS + NaCrO4 = Cr(OH)3 + Na2SO4
or for calculator
NaHS + NaCrO4 = CrO3H3 + Na2SO4
What did I miss ? Thanks guys
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Re: NaHS reaction

Post by ChenBeier »

The formula of sodium chromate is wrong and you missed water and hydroxide.

HS- + 9 OH- => SO4 2- + 5 H2O + 8 e- Oxidation

CrO4 2- + 4 H2O + 3 e- => Cr(OH)3 + 5 OH- Reduktion

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