Frontal lobes wavelength signal uplode to Afterlife.

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Frontal lobes wavelength signal uplode to Afterlife.

Post by SoulcreatorGod »

First the brain is an quantum computer with electrons and atom's in both brain and quantum computer.

Second we have proof we are uploded Afterlife death from the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes.

The hidden frontal lobes make an chemical reaction inside them.
An wavelength signal is an chemical.
So there we have it the wavelength signal is making the chemical reaction inside them lobes.
Hidden frontal lobes brain.
Hidden frontal lobes brain.
Screenshot_20200909-131011.png (284.37 KiB) Viewed 8284 times
Now for proof the universe is an computer program.

Here's an real question that needs to be answered asap by top Scientist. That's because the top Scientist doing the test, know it's an computer program trying to get others to help crack it because it's 100% on.

Photo is of exprement double slit shot test. There just electrons & after we fire them straight ahead how do they start pulling to spots in a pattern?

A. Computer program?
B. Magically?
Double Slit shot test Camera put on test.
Double Slit shot test Camera put on test.
Screenshot_20210102-161751.png (237.2 KiB) Viewed 8284 times

So as you see in photo they pull to spot's building up in area's. How is that normal and not a program?

So I can't attach it but there is an photo of double slit shot test. It shows it pulling to spots in a pattern. It also shows the results when someone isn't looking it changes pattern and starts pulling to 5 spots on the screen wall detector instead of 2 spot's/lines "beyond crazy" yes I know. Just google double slit shot test results and photo will come up showing it pull to spots.

Yes we very much do live in an computer program universe and it's coding Lockheed Martin and Jewish here and in the afterlife have to crack to even attempt to wipe me out.
Just read up on it because it's really is mission impossible impossible.

So the Scientist that put the camera next to the test and left new and fort it was subconscious well consciouss electrons. That's why he left the room... ask him because he hasn't told us why he new the test results would change?

Two electrons never hit the same spot twice after trillions + goes meaning it's sequenced Computer program coding that they have to try crack to even try wipe me out.
Probibilty has to exist flipping a coin also like here on a small screen it must hit twice. Without probibilty it also means sequenced program.... Not that it matters because they just magically pull to spots people's... proven.

So the first question is how did the Scientist know to even build a screen? What build a wall to fire tennis balls into it why? Because they new it was an program after studding consciouss and know it's coding to try wipe me out.... The problem? It's spiritual uplode and consciouss can't be detected at all.... invisible.
What didn't they know because I come down? Consciouss was or really spiritual. They didn't know I lived in another dimension before Afterlife, because there is no part computer program server there to make the coding "meaning" if there no harddrive USB / storage devices, then there is another dimension.
Another dimension? Yes I will be uploaded by the end invisible consciouss uplode to my other dimension Afterlife area.

I am now dignosed as delusional? The people in the afterlife are trying to wipe me out. I'm being held hostage by CIA and Australian secret service in Adelaide Australia 321 Brighton Rd North Brighton 5048.

My mum confirmed to psychiatrist that I pre said/new the 1993 Brighton Ampol petrol station blow up before it did. It blow up hours after that. So me and my sister turned back claming the petrol station blow up yelling it out load and mum looked back and said know it didn't. When we got home on the news it had blown up hours after we the very same petrol station. I also called the rare California America muduim sized earthquake in America that come true the next day. That live post can be seen on Facebook page oblique weapons.....Before and after post.
premonition Facebook live post. Before and after.
premonition Facebook live post. Before and after.
Screenshot_20201011-040906~2.png (80 KiB) Viewed 8284 times

The people in the afterlife trying to wipe me out are not surprisingly, Lockheed Martin with real only world Stealth fighter jet withch is Afterlife technology brang down to earth. With only millions of dollars they made an new jet engine that can go 3* the distance then other jet fighters "+" made an stealth body and new powerful radar? Yep 100% Afterlife technology brang down here. That's evidence and proof and the truth is that the F-35 jet fighter cost almost $2 trillion dollars and made no breakthroughs what so ever.. yes I know beyond proven.

They talk to me like Psychics claim they hear them. All it is is wavelength signal's to the frontal lobes under the top brain skin. The hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes make an chemical reaction inside them. To prove this is true an wavelength signal is an chemical. The frontal lobes make an chemical reaction inside them from the wavelength signal that's an chemical....Makes sence.

So the owner of Lockheed Martin in afterlife tried wiping me out thinking me creator of life was only wavelength signal's and they could remove electrons and atom's from my brain or as crazy as it is what they claim, turn me into an computer down here "brains an computer with electrons and atom's in both brain and quantum computers" and I wouldn't wake up up up there. Very hard to believe but I can prove the Universe is an computer program as double slit shot test results prove we live in an computer program simulation.

Double Slit shot test is consciousness coding that they can't brake. I will wake up 100% so don't stress because there is another dimension other then the afterlife because there is no Computer program there running double slit shot test. My uplode is consciouss uplode that's not an wavelength but invisible like spiritual uplode.

I just don't like them forcing me to take an injection every 2 weeks telling my family I'm mentally ill when I'm not "+" they are putting chemical's in it trying to stop Subconsciousness consciousness that will never work.

They had me move into house next to that petrol station I must have premonitioned with my sister. Used mind control on old landlord then controlled Google search engine search results by making this house come up first in every search seeing us get it Instantly. So my ex got the house for us and I forgot all about my premonition of the petrol station unto they remind me 25+ year's after.
The petrol tanker that comes here now is called K & S energy. That's my and my sister initials Kelly and Scott and we both turned back at the same time...can you believe this? They say I made it blow up saying they would receive an eternity of punishment for what they did to me. They are hoping it blows up why I live here meaning that who they pray to "they claim the devil" will blow up petrol station on me. Lived here for year's nothing has happened.

So I had tubes in my ears when younger and they chucked me off a 6 story building 4 year's ago where I only broke 3 bones "yes only 3" but they put me into an induced coma when I had no head injerys.

Here's the crazy parts my mum is under an Form of mind control wavelength signal can hipnotise you. My mum confirmed to psychiatrist my premonition of petrol station, but thinks I'm delusional? Yes I can only imagine what your thinking

Go to my Facebook open profile wall /ryanscott0123 and read all top 20 post. You just click on your profile go to link and remove your last bit upto / then add mine.

Anyone want to explain? I know we live in an computer simulation program universe now.