Balancing a chemical equation and the charges? Thanks!

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Balancing a chemical equation and the charges? Thanks!

Post by aseret »

Hey guys!

I need to balance a chemical equation properly for tomo chem class. it is really urgent I appreciate all your help :)

The chemical reaction involves a silver ammonia complex that reacts with nitric acid and carbonic acid to form carbon dioxide, water, ammonium and silver nitrate.

Ag(NH3)2 + HNO3 +CO3 ^2- -> CO2 + H2O + AgNO3 + NH4+

For some reason I cant seem to to balance this equation. Can anyone help me out please? Also, can someone also balances the charges correctly=

Thank you so much in advance!!!! :)


Its a lab project and my teacher wants one whole reaction. It involves a silver ammonia complex (Ag(NH3)2) from a previous reaction (Ag2CO3 + 4NH3 -> A(Ag(NH3)2)+ + CO3 ^2-) to which HNO3 is added, and which is supposed to form AgNO3. My teacher wants me to write CO2 in the main equation and this throws me off.

So far I have written my work as: CO3- + 2HNO3 -> CO2 + H2O and (Ag(NH3)2) + 2HNO3 -> AgNO3 + 2NH4

So how can i combine both of these and form one balanced equation? I am so confused with this assignment so any help is appreciated.
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Post by ChenBeier »

[Ag(NH3)2]2CO3 + 6 HNO3 => 2AgNO3 + 4 NH4NO3 + H2O + CO2

Main reactions are CO3 2- + 2 H+ => H2O + CO2 and NH3 +H+ => NH4+

Silver and Nitrate will be in solution.
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