Monsanto, Atomwise collaborate discover new crop protection
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Monsanto, Atomwise collaborate discover new crop protection

Monsanto Company and Atomwise, a biotechnology company have formed a unique research collaboration to increase the speed and probability of discovering and developing new crop protection products using artificial intelligence.

Atomwise develops artificial intelligence systems for molecular discovery. Through this research collaboration, Atomwise’s groundbreaking AtomNet technology will employ powerful deep learning algorithms and supercomputers to analyse millions of molecules for potential crop protection products.

Instead of the traditional trial-and-error and process of elimination to analyse tens of thousands of molecules, the AtomNet technology aims to streamline the initial phase of discovery by analysing how different molecules interact with one another.

AtomNet accelerates this process using deep learning to predict which molecules could have a positive effect in controlling harmful diseases or insects. The software teaches itself about molecular interactions by identifying patterns, similar to how artificial intelligence learns to recognize images.

Monsanto is the first company in the agriculture industry to partner with Atomwise. This collaboration complements Monsanto’s unique partnered approach to crop protection discovery.

“Discovering new solutions is critical, and this collaboration will help bring much-needed crop protection solutions to farmers faster,” said Jeremy Williams, Monsanto’s agricultural productivity innovations lead.

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