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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:52 am    Post subject: 6 Imperative Facts You Should Know About Carbon Reply with quoteFind all posts by bejoy

Carbon is the 15th most plentiful element on the Earth's crustand is abundant in the Sun, stars, comets, and in atmospheres of most of the planets. It is a soft element and dull grey or black in color.

Its name is derived from a Latin word "carbo" which means "charcoal".

Carbon is a chemical element with atomic symbol C and atomic number 6.The atoms of carbon, bonds together in different ways which is termed as allotropes of carbon. The best known allotropes are graphite and diamond.

The most common oxidation state in inorganic compounds of carbon is +4, whereas in carbon monoxide +2 is found.Carbon is known to form almost ten million different compounds.

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