Substituting Elements in Balancing Equations

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Substituting Elements in Balancing Equations

Post by CovalentBonds »

There are two fake elements being created, Aw (Charges of Aw+1, or Aw+3) and Bb (Bb+2, Bb+4) there are four equations that Im having trouble tyring to balance.

1. AwCl(aq) + BbO(aq) → Aw2O(s) + BbCl2(aq)
2. AwF3(aq) + Bb(s) → BbF2(aq) + Aw(s)
3. Aw(OH)3 (aq) + BbCl2(aq) = AwCl3 + Bb(OH)2
4. Aw (s) + HSO4 = H2 + Aw(SO4)2

I keep getting results with uneven sides despite doing every possible step. Is it possible I am doing them incorrectly?
My answer for 1 is 2AwCl2 + BbO → Aw2O + BbCl2.
Thank you very much!
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Re: Substituting Elements in Balancing Equations

Post by ChenBeier »

Number 1 is correct
Number 2 is like in math 1/2 + 1/3
Number 3 is similar Number 2
Number 4 HSO4 as neutral not existing. Otherwise H2SO4 has to be used.
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