Help with Photometry problem!!!

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Help with Photometry problem!!!

Post by confused2021 »

The problem is : We will look at a solution called “sample X” containing water and “substance X" We have a path length of 1cm, an extinction coefficient of 0.06 cm-1M-1 and an absorbance at lambda max of .350.
. What is the concentration of substance x in our sample? At what concentration would we get an absorbance equal to double this? Triple?
The answers are 2.5M, 10M, and 15 M. I am confused by this because I use A = Ebc to get 5.83M, 11.67M, and 17.5M.

Am I correct that the problem is set up like C = A/Eb which is .35/(.06)(1), .7/(.06)(1), and 1.05/(.06)(1)? Any input on how to setup and solve the problem would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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