Balance Reaction Using Oxidation States Method

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Balance Reaction Using Oxidation States Method

Post by romihan95 »

I need help balancing this reaction on my chemistry homework, please!

Must be done using oxidation states method

NO3^- + Zn +OH^- + H2O = Zn(OH)4^2- + NH3
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Post by ChenBeier »

In alkaline envirement oxidation by adding of OH- on educt side and water on product side, if oxygen is involved ,by reduction vise versa.

Look for redox pairs

Redox pair NO3- / NH3 and Zn/ [Zn( OH)4]2-

NO3- + 6 H2O => NH3 + 9 OH- add water and OH-

Zn + 4 OH- => [Zn(OH)4]2- only add OH- no oxygen transfer.

Balance charges by using electrons

NO3- + 6 H2O + 8 e- => NH3 + 9 OH- Reduction

Zn + 4 OH- => [Zn(OH)4]2- + 2 e- Oxidation

kgV of electron is 8

Multiplication of second equation by 4

4 Zn + 16 OH- => 4 Zn(OH)4]2- + 8 e-


4 Zn + NO3- + 6 H2O + 7 OH- => 4 [Zn(OH)4]2- + NH3
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