iron powder connected by decomposed oil

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iron powder connected by decomposed oil

Post by Magnus »

I'm looking to make a very hard material, to do building with. But the problem is, I think I may be making a huge fire hazard.

So if I get iron powder, and I mix it with so much decomposed oil (very crude), and then I dry it further on the stove on high heat to make a hard brick, I'm thinking its actually extremely tough stuff, as strong as bitumen.

But, Does this act like highly flammable thermite? I may be making thermite by mistake, Cody on the internet has a plaster and aluminium thermite video, and this seems similar, So I'm actually making a big mistake possibly, Anyone can help me with this one?

So once thats cleared up, and I can probably do the test myself.

Ive got another experiment involving this.

I put fine iron wool in glycerine, and then the glycerine is supposed to go brown.

I then put this in a small pot of hot oil, and I mix it in a little, and the iron is supposed to transfer to the oil.
Then I get the glycerine out and push the reaction along a bit, by adding so much calcium hydroxide a bit at a time and stirring it, and it is a removable solid precipitate.

This is supposed to transfer the iron to the oil. And its kinda like the iron glued together by the oil, except on the atomic scale.

So this could set together really well if I continue to decompose the oil to a plastic.

But the problem is, am I making plastic explosive possibly, I dont know, so I was wonder if anyone could bring up anything about this issue, So I'm actually trying to make something like ABS, a "metallic plasticate", but maybe metallic plasticates are highly flammable, and I dont know.

So, I'm just trying to make some strong tar, but now the fire hazard warning question has come up, especially on seeing Cody's lab, with the plaster and aluminium powder thermite.

So I should do it, and test it myself, but I was wondering if someone could help me with some information.
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Re: iron powder connected by decomposed oil

Post by ChenBeier »

Thermit is Fe2O3 + Al.
You have Fe and some C compound, total different.
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