Determining what reaction is more favourable

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Determining what reaction is more favourable

Post by JArchy »

I am doing a project at the minute with three reactions occurring. The reactions include:

CH4 + H2O --> CO + 3H2... Step 1
CO + H20 <--> CO2 + H2... Step 2
CH4 + 2H2O <--> CO2 + 4H2... Step 3

My lecturer and I have assumed the first reaction has a CH4 conversion of 95% with the flow rate of both the CH4 and H2O being 134.4753 mol/s. If I have the 95% conversion, I am wondering how much H2O would be provided to each of the other two steps; that is assuming the other 5% of the CH4 is going to the other steps.
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Re: Determining what reaction is more favourable

Post by ChenBeier »

First, Step 2 doesnt consume methane, so the yield could be everything of this one, called x%.
Second, Step 3 is the summery of step 1 and 2, so it would be (95% * x%)/100%.
In practise it has to be checked how much CO2 in comparison of H2 is obtained.
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