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What do I have to understand in chemistry in order to master NMR for a given molecule?

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:45 pm
by hananism
hello everyone, thanks for reading my question
I have very few knowledge in organic chemistry, but I am doing work at the laboratory of organic chemistry, and my tutor told me to learn a lot to understand what we do.
We prepared a product which is C16H3O2 , and we wanted to use the NMR machine for it.
We used it, it gave us some results in a chart, and in order to understand this chart our tutor explained some of the things related to the protons of the molecules, and used the formula (n+1) to know the 'singlet' or 'triplet' etc..

I didn't really grasp the concept, or what he did exactly, it was quick, and I really want to understand.
Can someone suggest me a video that explains this? or can someone offer me some explanation about this?
Can you tell me what are the basics that I need to know in chemistry in order for me to understand this NMR thing and the 'singlet' , 'triplet' ..etc ?

Thank you so much in advance.