Titration of mixture of strong and weak acid

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Titration of mixture of strong and weak acid

Post by Neon »


I would like to ask you a question about titration of mixture of strong and weak acid:

50.0 ml of a solution containing HCl and a weak acid HX consume 48.7 ml of 0.115 M NaOH when titrated to phenolphthalein. Titrate the other 50 ml to methyl orange and consume 17.4 ml of base. What is the molarity of
a) HCl
b) weak acid
c) of total acids

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Titration of mixture of strong and weak acid

Post by ChenBeier »

If you check the pH range of both indicators, you will find that the phenolphthalein indicats the mixture of both acids and the methyl orange only the hydrochloric.
Calculation should be known.
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