Different Experiments for children

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Warner Mortensen
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Different Experiments for children

Post by Warner Mortensen »

Make big dish soap bubbles
I always wondered how people make those big bubbles. I did a little experiment myself. They were quite successful so I thought I would share with everyone. Feel free to drop in your ideas on how to make them even better.
I am using 6 cups distilled or purified water, 1 Tablespoon. glycerine, 1 / 2 cup cornstarch, 1 Tablespoon. baking powder, and ½ cup dish soap.

Link removed, because different topic

First, mix the water with cornstarch, then add the remaining ingredients and mix well, without whipping up tiny bubbles. Use immediately, or stir again and use after an hour or so. Take a large wand. You can make one using strings. Pull the string up out of the bubble mix and pull the sticks apart slowly so that you form a string triangle with a bubble in the middle.
Do let me know if you have tried these.
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Re: Different Experiments for children

Post by Dave »

The most fun is to react shampoo and potassium permanganate from krogerfeedback, it reacts to form a frothy substance and its easy to do at home too. Login to myaccountaccess.
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