Balanced equation for the reaction

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Warner Mortensen
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Balanced equation for the reaction

Post by Warner Mortensen »

What single reagent could add that would allow differentiating between the member of each pair of the solid compounds. Also, what would happen to each substance when the reagents are added. I also need a balanced equation for the reaction.
AgCl and PbCl2
I know the process is known as qualitative analysis since it is used to identify chemical components. We do know that if a solution of silver nitrate ( AgNO3 ) is combined with a solution of sodium chloride ( NaCl ). The resulting solution contains Na+, Ag+, Cl-, and NO3-, but AgCl is not soluble in water. So we will have to work with the lead. What is your thoughts on this one?
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Re: Balanced equation for the reaction

Post by ChenBeier »

Silver chloride and lead chloride will not react each other, because both have bad soloubility.

You can do the same as described with the silver nitrate, add Sodium chloride to lead nitrate then lead chloride will precipitate.
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