Chemical equilibrium composition

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Chemical equilibrium composition

Post by marianajanuario »

I'm doing a paper for a subject in college, being this subject combustion.
I need to write and balance the following chemical formula : 0.8NH3+0.2CH4=aNH3*bCH4*cH2*dN2+e*C , being a,b,c,d,e the coefficient of each species. Does anyone have any suggestion in how to do it?
Thank you!
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Re: Chemical equilibrium composition

Post by ChenBeier »

You have ammonia and methane on educt side already why you should have it on product side again.
What kind of process is it.
At least you can make from 1 mole methane 2 mole hydrogen and 1 mole carbon.
Ammonia can be decomposed in the back reaction of Haber Bosch
2 mole ammonia give 1 mole nitrogen and 3 mole hydrogen.

a =0, b= 0, c = 1,6 , d= 0,4, e = 0,2 100% yield.
But with other envirement conditions everything can happen, even reaction of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen together.
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