chemical reactions

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chemical reactions

Post by adri_Brown »

Hi I need your help :c the problem is this : In the production of ammonia 1N2+3H2---->2NH3 (as shown in the second equation), what would be the number of molecules produced from this product when 4 m3 of H2 gas react with 23.0 Oz (volume) of N2 gas ? Note: the densities of H2 and N2 in the pure state are 9.988 x10-5 g / ml and 1.2506 x 10-3 g / cm3 respectively.

I'll be very grateful :D
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Re: chemical reactions

Post by ChenBeier »

Write down the mass action law for this reaction. K is not given here. This information is missing.
Convert all compounds to SI units. Calculate H2 and N2 to mole via density and molar mass.
Fill in the mass action law equation use x.
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