How to clean up dried hydrochloric acid residue?

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How to clean up dried hydrochloric acid residue?

Post by danamem »

I don't know of this is the right forum to ask, as I'm not a chemist or a chemistry student, but I need answers - from those that are.

So I was cleaning up my vehicle, particularly the trunk, and caught an old bottle of hydrochloric acid (only 3.14% solution, 96.86% water, not concentrated). Firstly I'll say this, I got rid of it, and took it to a hazardous waste disposal center, so that ends that. Yes, I am a dumb idiot (huge understatement) for not handling it properly and neglecting it.

However, it had been sitting there, probably for a little less than a year, but definitely a long time, many months. So who knows what all sorts of chemical processes it's gone through, with the changing temperatures and etc.

However what I did notice was that there may have been what I assume to be some dried residue on the bottle, mind you it's probably been rolling around in there, I can't remember the color and my mind is now making up memories of the color to try to fill in the void (but please guide me on the colors though).

Thing is, I don't know how much of it may have spilled and dried out over time, I can't imagine it's much though, because the bottle seemed almost as full (or even as full as, not almost) as I remember when I first placed it in the trunk. All the times it's sat there, I haven't experienced any issues (I've driven state lines with it just sitting back there), no signs of corrosion or anything (though I will double check), or inhalation problems, and/but I don't really feel like waiting 'till I do end up running into issues.

Is it something that can be handled by myself, or do I need to get a professional team?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How to clean up dried hydrochloric acid residue?

Post by ChenBeier »

I didnt get it. Where are the residues. You said you dumbed the bottle already at the hazardous waste disposal?
HCl will not create residues in the bottle, if its clean. Outside it can react with every metal in the trunk. So this will be chlorides. This can be removed by washing with soap water. Its not much dangerous.
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