Need help building a device?

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Need help building a device?

Post by chemistrymole »

Hi I need help building a device.

Its called a sublimator/vaporizer and has something called a monkey controller.

a photo of one:
go to planetvape and search sublimator-xlr-2.0-v4-enail-master-kit

Inventor claims it sublimates, but real sumblimation in chemistry is the process of a solid convery directly to gas. In the videos it still looks like bad smoke so i think its just a very high end vaporizer. I think its a gimmick to call it a sublimator and looks to be made from regular chemistry tools.

Anyone here have a PhD or really high level chemistry and experience with chemistry tools that can figure out a DIY home creation.
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Re: Need help building a device?

Post by ChenBeier »

DO YOU MEAN THIS ... lz4-ls.png

This has nothing to do with chemistry.
We dont support smoking.

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