Assignment: Virtual Lab for Precipitation equilibrium

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Dhamnekar Winod
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Assignment: Virtual Lab for Precipitation equilibrium

Post by Dhamnekar Winod »

Assignment: Virtual Lab for Precipitation equilibrium.
Assignment: Virtual Lab for solubility equilibrium.

Use the virtual lab found here ( to answer the questions below.

1.Use the reagents and tools in the virtual lab to find the Kₛₚ of the following compounds (at 25℃)
2. Sr(IO₃)₂

2.Find the solubility of each of the above compounds in moles per liter. (at 25℃)
3. Is it true that a compound with a larger \(K_{sp}\) will always be more soluble than a compound with a smaller \(K_{sp}\)? Why or why not?

How to answer these questions? What are the answers to these questions?
I don't have actual laboratory experience to answer these questions, If any chemistry expert guide me, it will be much better.
Any science consists of the following process. 1) See 2)Hear 3)Smell,if needed 4)Taste, if needed 5)Think 6)Understand 7)Inference 8)Take decision [Believe or disbelieve, useful or useless, true or false, cause or effect, any other criteria]
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Re: Assignment: Virtual Lab for Precipitation equilibrium

Post by ChenBeier »

1. You need a solouble silver salt and a chloride
Then a Strontiumsalt and Iodate, again Silversalt and Carbonate and finally Strontiumsalt and Sulfate.
2. Google might help
3. What is definition of Ksp? Write the generally formula.
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