so confused.. please answer

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so confused.. please answer

Post by kathy »

QuestionA: (2.66x10^3)mL of dilute calcium chloride solution is prepared from (4.381x10^2)mL of (2.090x10^0)M solution. What is the final concentration of chloride ions? Answer in scientific notation.

QuestionB: A water sample is tested for mercury content, and 2.35kg of solution was found to contain 1.957mg of mercury. What is the concentration of mercury in parts per billion?
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Post by ChenBeier »

1. Calculate how much mol CaCl2 is in the 438,1 l by using its molarity.
2.Convert this to the mol of Chloride
3. Calculate this then for the 2,66 l

1. What does ppm and ppb mean mathematical?
2. What do you get if you divide the Hg content through the given mass? What happens with the mass units?

Please use better headline! Otherwise other people get confused.
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