Balancing equation for theoretical yield

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Balancing equation for theoretical yield

Post by meghen23 »

I have to write a paper for Org I, we did an Sn2 rxn w/ 1-iodobutane and triphenylphosphine. We also used acetonitrile as a reagent. I can not figure out how to balance the equation since I have had no practice since gen chem.

C4H9I + C18H15P ---C2H3N----> C22H24IP

it is balanced w/o the reagent, but I could not get a correct yield calculation. I feel as though the reagent needs to be included which is why I am seeking help.

PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Balancing equation for theoretical yield

Post by ChenBeier »

Acetonitril is only solvent. It will not react. Theoretical yield is normaly 100%.
Practical yield is ;

Let say you make of 5 g of a educt 10 g product that is equal 100%
But in the Experiment you dind only 8 g so the yield is 8g/10g * 100% = 80%
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